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Product Description

When you drive, you drive with passion. Control is in your hands. You are prepared ̶ your ride too: with a turn of a knob – from everyday life to attack. This is what our BILSTEIN B16 track performance threaded ride height adjustable kits stand for. With their Dual-Click adjustment – they are easy to handle and twice as effective.

The BILSTEIN B16 offers a higher level of adjustability, allowing you to achieve ultimate driving enjoyment based on your own individual requirements.

Featuring 10 settings for parallel damping adjustment, you choose between maximum stiffness for extreme track use right up a soft setting for the highest level of driving comfort. This makes the BILSTEIN B16 the perfect coilover solution for cars that see heavy track use as well a street duties. Rebound and compression phases can be selected in parallel via the adjusters with the unit in situ. 

Ride height adjustment on the BILSTEIN B16 coilover is simple, featuring round threads for ease of adjustment. Its threaded body allows for a range of 20 mm at both axles, lowering your car approximately 30-50 mm both front and rear from the factory ride height.

This level of adjustability means that you can fine tune your car’s suspensions perfectly to suit your needs, from the race track to the street.  

The BILSTEIN B16 coilover has been developed tough to endure the high demands of hard driving. Quality sport springs made from highly durable material are used along with spring plates and lock nuts made from a special aluminium alloy are used to ensure maximum durability. Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology® is also used for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Over 50 years of development has been put into the BILSTEIN B16 coilover, implementing gas pressure technology and mono-tube/Upside-Down technology. Using a 46mm piston, the BILSTEIN B16 coilover provides just the right amount of damping force for extreme driving.

The BILSTEIN B16 coilover also possesses the German TÜV certificate so you can be assured the highest level of safety and quality. 

Features & Benefits

  • Damper settings for very sporty handling in any situation on the road or track
  • Lower your ride height by up to 50 mm: flexibly and individually – with threads to spare and a technical certification
  • Perfectly tuned lowering: Get rid of that unsightly wheel gap – without any technical issues!
  • Provides improved stability for more performance and comfort – even on long-haul trips
  • BILSTEIN driving tests fine-tune suspensions to perfection – for any challenge the road may bring

Adjust damper settings to set the exact ride experience you want

Adjust rebound and bump control to your preferences easily and safely with the turn of a knob. Our Dual-Click adjustment gives you the power! Damper settings are controlled by an aluminum knob with 10 distinct clicks. 100% easy-to-use and adjust after installation.

Sporty handling you can feel in any situation – even on the track

Are track days your thing? Our Track Performance suspensions let you benefit from dynamic damper settings for the ultimate handling experience, yet still deliver daily driving comfort.

Set your ride height to suit your personal taste and vehicle

Our Performance suspension systems allow you to lower your ride height by up to 50 mm – you choose how far to go. Adjustment couldn’t be easier!

Get to know our BILSTEIN B16 Coilover Suspension

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