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Get to know our BILSTEIN B60 suspension

Bilstein B60 Shock Absorber | Made in Australia

Why Choose Bilstein Shocks for Your 4WD Adventures?

When it comes to equipping your four-wheel drive for the demands of off-roading, selecting the right shock absorbers is crucial. Bilstein, with its commitment to quality and performance, stands out as a leader in the field. Whether it’s the rugged B60, the versatile B8 5160, or the dependable B6 Offroad, Bilstein shocks are engineered with cutting-edge technology and durable materials to handle the unpredictability of off-road driving. With features like high-performance monotube design, heat-dissipating technologies, and precision valving, these shocks offer unparalleled performance that dedicated off-roaders seek.

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B60 V2

Ultimate Off-Road Performance with Bilstein B60

Engineered for the off-road enthusiast who refuses to compromise on performance, the Bilstein B60 shocks are your ticket to an unparalleled driving experience. These shocks are designed with a robust monotube design, ensuring consistent, fade-free performance even in the toughest terrains. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or conquering steep inclines, the Bilstein B60s provide unmatched stability and control, enhancing both safety and comfort.

Elevate Your Off-Road Journey with Bilstein B6

 Ideal for stock height trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s, the B6 Offroad series delivers remarkable improvement in ride quality and comfort, without compromising durability and performance. These shocks are tailored to help your vehicle tackle a variety of surfaces, from muddy paths to rocky trails, ensuring a responsive and stable ride. With the Bilstein B6 Offroad, you get an unbeatable combination of performance and comfort, making every off-road trip memorable.

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Maximizing Your 4WD's Potential with Bilstein

Unlock the full potential of your 4WD with Bilstein’s advanced shock absorber technology. Every product, including the B60, B8 5160, and B6 Offroad, is a testament to Bilstein’s innovative approach in delivering superior ride quality and vehicle control. These shocks are not just replacements; they’re upgrades that elevate your vehicle’s off-road capability, durability, and comfort. Experience the thrill of off-roading with the confidence that your vehicle is equipped with the best in suspension technology.

The Full Range of Off-Road Products


For the absolute ultimate in heavy duty offroad capabilities, nothing surpasses the Bilstein B60.


Performance monotube shock with add benefits of remote reservoir. For use on lifted trucks and SUV’s


Performance upgrade for stock ride-height applications.
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