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You as the user of the website agree to receive communications from us and you agree to accept “cookies” and other similar devices used by this Website to carry out our services. You also agree that we may need to contact you about any incomplete or unconfirmed enquiry you make through our Website.


Bilstein.com.au (trading as Sydney Shock Absorbers Pty Ltd) has taken all steps possible to ensure that the information posted on the Bilstein Website are correct and up to date at the time of publishing on the web. We shall not be responsible for any issues incurred by reliance you place on this Bilstein Website or its contents. However, Sydney Shocks Pty Ltd will endeavour to correct any inaccuracies once we becomes aware of them. 

Some photos contained on the website may be sample representations of the products advertise where we do not have any image available.


Bilstein.com.au website has the right to modify or delete any products of this website without notice or liability. Bilstein.com.au reserves the right to change prices displayed for products on the Site at any time. 


Prices displayed on the Site represent the full price in Australian dollars (AUD), including GST (Goods and Services Tax), for the product itself but does not include postage/delivery charges which will depend on the destination


Dealers utilising the Bilstein.com.au website must:

(a) obtain the Sydney Shocks Pty Ltd prior written approval (on a case-by-case or listing-by-listing basis) before:

(i) advertising any Products to ensure correct usage of names and logos, brand positioning and image is maintained and the marketing/advertising proposed is acceptable to the Principal;

(ii) representing to any third parties or the general public, any features or specifications of the Products, any warranty existing on the Products; or

(iii) advertising or selling any Products together with other products from third parties, including as a part of a bundle, package or kit. Without limiting the foregoing, the Principal may withhold its approval if the Products are packaged, bundled or otherwise sold as a part of a kit with other products that are of lower quality or reputation;

(b) not use language or images in marketing or advertising which might tend to offend, mislead, confuse or deceive its customers. This includes but is not limited to not labelling product kits as “Bilstein Kits” or similar when they comprise other manufacturers’ products, or otherwise misrepresent the quality of any products, packages or kits; and

(c) not make any representations or give any warranties other than those contained in the Product warranty policy, or as otherwise authorised by the Principal in writing;

(d) display and use only such distinguishing signs, logos, trade marks, colour schemes, designs and packaging in relation to the Products as the Principal may reasonably approve;

(e) obtain the prior written approval of the Principal to all promotional material, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld;

(f) not alter, remove or tamper with the trade marks, packaging or other means of identification of the Products


Intellectual Property of the products remain with Bilstein.com.au and Sydney Shocks Pty Ltd at all times. Sydney Shocks Pty Ltd grants its Dealers a licence to use and exploit the Licensed Trade Marks strictly for the purpose of and as necessary to perform its obligations under the clauses DEALER MARKETING & ADVERTISING.

The Licence shall be non-transferrable and non-exclusive to the Dealer, and will terminate upon expiry or earlier termination of this Agreement


Sydney Shocks Pty Ltd will not be liable for any lost profits, loss of reputation, loss of goodwill, any kind of commercial or economic loss, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the agreement or the sale of any products or services by Sydney Shocks Pty.

Any Dealers claim for damages or returns must be made in writing to Sydney Shocks Pty Ltd with in thirty (30) days of the date of the event giving rise to any such claim. Any claims that have been brought or filed not in accordance with the preceding sentence are null and void.


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