Bilstein Australia’s Outback Adventure Pt.1

Getting close to a month on the road, the Bilstein 150 Prado has clocked nearly 6000kms of its 12,000km+ road trip across Australia!

The Prado is equipped with our beefy B60 shock absorbers, which utilise H&R springs for a 2″ lift.
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Starting in Sydney and heading through the Hay Plains straight for Adelaide. After filling up on food and wine in the Barossa Valley, its  onto Coober Pedy via Port Augusta.
So far its been long, sealed highway work, the B60’s are smooth and soak up the not-so-smooth roads with ease, while feeling stable and predictable.
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Next on the agenda is Uluru, The Olgas and Alice Springs. The roads start to get a little worse but the sights get a whole lot more spectacular!

From Alice Springs, its time to tackle the Tanami! Rough, heavily corrugated roads for hours and hours on end. This is truely where the Bilstein B60’s shine. The B60’s soak up the ruts and while the shocks can get scorching hot to touch, they don’t fade or lose rate. The oil remains stable, which make the shocks predictable and reliable with the use of the gas pressure technology the Bilsteins are so famous for! A larger bore and increased oil capacity over the B6’s 46mm, makes for greater cooling abilities and a more progressive, smoother ride.



With more and more heavily corrugated roads, passing through Wolfe Creek Crater and the Bungle Bungles, its time to head onto Broome and relax on Cable Beach!


And that is just one half of the adventure so far!
Australia truly has a unique and beautiful landscape, a lot of which can only be accessed via 4WD. Stay tuned for more along the way, plenty more to see. After a short break in Broome, it will be time to head up the Gibb River Rd and onto Katherine N.T, following the gulf and through to Cairns, where the journey will be on the home stretch back to Sydney.



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