How To Punch Above Your Weight

The Improved Production 12hr Bathurst challenge support race brought a hugely varied 58 strong grid together in the beginning of this year. The cars gathered to do battle at the famous Australian circuit. The field was split into two simple categories, under two-litre and over two litre. This arrangement gave a great spectacle as small hatchbacks fought for position against big V8 saloons. Bathurst’s fast upper sections favor a nimble lightweight chassis while the straights allowed the powerful muscle cars to sprint away. It’s a formula that provided plenty of overtaking opportunity and proved hugely entertaining for onlookers.

No one took advantage of this overtaking advantage more so than Cox Motorsport’s Jordan Cox. Despite staring at the front row of the grid the relatively small Honda engine was no match for V8 brawn off the line. Falling behind a number of places Jordan had to look to the tight upper sections of the track to regain these places. Here Jordan took full advantage of the lightweight and nimble Civic chassis, hustling much larger machinery through the corners. Later, the crowd could be heard ‘booing’ as this headway was then swallowed on the straights. Persistence paid off for Cox however as his speed through the corners put him ahead. The secret weapon in Cox’s arsenal is a 46mm monotube BILSTEIN race damper in a custom housing at each corner. Coupled with excellent setup and development supported by BILSTEIN Australia, Jordan’s Civic is perfectly equipped to make the most of the 2000cc available. Cox’s performance highlights the importance of superior road holding and confidence in your setup.


Jordon Cox was again setting good impressions at the Nulon Improved Production Cars round at Clipsal in Adelaide, finishing 2nd in race 1 & 2 and 5th in Race 3.

Liqui Moly Bathust 12 hr Mt Panorama Bathurst NSW


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