MK7 Volkswagen Golf wagon on Bilstein B14 Coilovers

The MK7 Volkswagen Golf is the latest, and best, iteration of Volkswagen’s long lineage of Golfs. The MK7 stays true the beloved Golf formula, further refining it both inside and out. In wagon form, the Golf’s already renowned level of practicality is increased ten-fold.


This handsome-looking MK7 Golf R-Line wagon came in for a set of our Bilstein B14 Coilovers. The B14 Coilovers offer the perfect balance between comfort and performance with the added benefit of ride height adjustability.


The result? A sharp-looking and handling car made even better. The Golf’s appearance is made just that much better with a simple drop, complimenting that beautiful set of aftermarket rims perfectly. Not only that, handling performance is tightened, making the car feel planted through the corners, making for a safer, more enjoyable drive. And all this without compromising the Golf’s outstanding level of comfort.



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