Power vs Traction


Converting big power to traction is a sum of all parts, and one major component is the suspension.


Rolling out of the factory in the late 1960’s, the Dodge Charger came equipped with a leaf spring and solid axle set up in the rear, which was robust, cost effective and durable, however it is lacking on performance and when you add more power than it was ever designed to deal with, it starts suffering from heavy squat on acceleration and axle tramp, just like this blown R/T charger that came to us.

After upgrading the leaf springs, we set about custom building a set of BILSTEIN mono-tube shock absorbers to help control squat, high speed compression and reduce the effects of the axle tramp.
Along with the 4 shocks all round, we also built a pair of shocks to mount to the solid axle to again control the axle tramp.
All of this makes for a smooth, controlled ride even on heavy acceleration.

DSC 7872 FB Bilstein


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