Salty’s new B60 equipped Troopy – Salty Davenport


Having returned home no more than a week ago it’s hard to feel like the trip happened at all. Sitting behind my wooden desk all rugged up as the sun and rain clouds jostle for position outside, I can only refer to all that we have, our memory, our own account of our experiences.


So, where to begin with this article is seemingly as difficult a question as when to end an amazing adventure.


Having picked up the keys to this incredible vehicle in April 2018 its been a manic rush to have the structural build completed as soon as possible to get out in the red dirt.


Prior to departure on this journey, the car was ALMOST ready, just missing one vital ingredient, the Bilstein B60’s and Poly Air dominator air bags. I’ve been so excited to have these installed giving the Troopy a smooth ride and a sexy 2-3 inch lift.


The plan of attack was to drive about 1500kms North of Perth and dive into the crystal clear waters of North Western Australia. The coastline in these regions is very sharky with common knowledge being to shoot your first fish for the sharks and the next one for you. This generally buys you a little time to get your fish and get out of the water. With an empty freezer, the plan was to fill it with fish fillets for our desert driving to come. What’s better than fresh fish in the desert!


A lot of these locations we find ourselves camping in are well off the beaten track, generally we make out own tracks over the spinifex riddled horizons. There’s something very special about making your own path in the outback, the scale of your surroundings really begins to spotlight how insignificant you and your vehicle really are. Travelling further and further from the safety of society has become a romantic addiction.


“I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility” Jack Kerouac


From prospecting in isolated creek beds, fishing for Barramundi in crock infested waters to mud crabbing, spearing and surfing in the waters around Broome it was a trip that saw us span 80% of the Western Australian coastline in 30days.


My setup for this adventure comprised of B60 Shock absorbers front and rear with Poly Air dominators and 400kg springs in the rear also. The comfort this combination provided me on this journey was leagues above the stock gear that comes with a new cruiser (which is still good). If I felt the car was not quite riding how I’d like, it was only a matter of increasing/ decreasing the dominators PSI in small increments until you find the ride you want.

This journey I feel the suspension endured a great variety of conditions from soft sand to hard rocky outcrops, high speed pothole encounters and of coarse long range road driving. The 12000kms without a hiccup, its safe to say the sand, water, mud and dust did little to affect the high performing B60’s.


Take me back to the warmth of the desert sun, where time stands still and direction is endless.


Hope to see you out on the road!


Salty Davenport.


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