BMW’s track day rocket


The M240i; with an almost endless stream of aftermarket parts to choose from, it makes for the perfect platform to build a highly equipped sports car. Max’s 2018 F22 M240i has spent more time on the track than most, what started as a weekend toy, quickly has become an almost completely dedicated track day hero. […]

BILSTEIN Upgrades – 6th Gen Ford Mustang


Looking for a suspension upgrade on your 6th generation Ford Mustang? Look no further! Bilstein offers a range of options to suit many applications. Bilstein high-performance B6 shock absorbers Our B6 shocks are specially tailored to enhance the vehicle dynamics for a mix of comfortable street performance. The B6 shocks can suit factory springs or […]

Power vs Traction


Converting big power to traction is a sum of all parts, and one major component is the suspension. Rolling out of the factory in the late 1960’s, the Dodge Charger came equipped with a leaf spring and solid axle set up in the rear, which was robust, cost effective and durable, however it is lacking […]

MK7 Volkswagen Golf wagon on Bilstein B14 Coilovers


The MK7 Volkswagen Golf is the latest, and best, iteration of Volkswagen’s long lineage of Golfs. The MK7 stays true the beloved Golf formula, further refining it both inside and out. In wagon form, the Golf’s already renowned level of practicality is increased ten-fold. This handsome-looking MK7 Golf R-Line wagon came in for a set […]


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