BMW’s track day rocket


The M240i; with an almost endless stream of aftermarket parts to choose from, it makes for the perfect platform to build a highly equipped sports car. Max’s 2018 F22 M240i has spent more time on the track than most, what started as a weekend toy, quickly has become an almost completely dedicated track day hero. […]

4WD Adventure on Fraser Island


FRASER ISLAND 2020 Much like how our German counterparts test Bilstein performance range on the grueling Nurburgring, we test our 4wd suspension on the grueling Australian landscape, of which we have 7.7million square kilometers to choose from! We have done many trips around Australia, testing and developing our B6 off-road & B60 range, from the […]

Salty’s new B60 equipped Troopy – Salty Davenport


  Having returned home no more than a week ago it’s hard to feel like the trip happened at all. Sitting behind my wooden desk all rugged up as the sun and rain clouds jostle for position outside, I can only refer to all that we have, our memory, our own account of our experiences. […]

Bilstein Australia’s Outback Adventure Pt.2


The Bilstein Australia’s Outback Adventure comes to an end! Its time to look back on the 12,000km trip through the heart of the outback in the Bilstein B60 equipped Toyota Prado 150 series.   (This trip was primarily a family holiday, so all the footage and images were taken in what spare time was had […]

Ford Ranger Made Tougher with the B6 Offroad


The Ford Ranger is a brilliant mix of macho looks, everyday utility, and capable power. With a grunty 3.2l turbo diesel, car like interior, and tough design, it’s won the approval of many hi-vis vest wearers and more. However in stock form, the suspension is barely adequate, and once it’s loaded up with bigger wheels, […]

Bilstein Australia’s Outback Adventure Pt.1


Getting close to a month on the road, the Bilstein 150 Prado has clocked nearly 6000kms of its 12,000km+ road trip across Australia! The Prado is equipped with our beefy B60 shock absorbers, which utilise H&R springs for a 2″ lift. Starting in Sydney and heading through the Hay Plains straight for Adelaide. After filling up […]

The B6 Offroad and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Prado 9

In stock form, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has the right ingredients to be a daily driver on the weekdays and a happy camper on the weekends.  However, to tackle the tougher trails, most Prado owners will start upgrading to proper 4WD gear. With Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorbers paired with raised springs, the Prado […]

The 1770HP KRANKI Ute


When you’ve got 1770HP under your foot, you need quality, reliable, predictable parts. A touch of the throttle and everything happens at the blink of an eye. For this Holden ute, certainly nothing is off-the-shelf, and to get as much of the 572ci Chevy block’s power down, means going custom suspension. We started by building […]

BILSTEIN B60 Beach Day


Here at Bilstein Suspension Australia, we take pride in developing our own shock absorbers that are specially tailored to suit our unique and harsh conditions here in Australia. Not only do we use our extensive years of off-roading experience to develop them, but we also put them to the test to ensure we are 100% satisfied that our products are […]

BILSTEIN Upgrades – 6th Gen Ford Mustang


Looking for a suspension upgrade on your 6th generation Ford Mustang? Look no further! Bilstein offers a range of options to suit many applications. Bilstein high-performance B6 shock absorbers Our B6 shocks are specially tailored to enhance the vehicle dynamics for a mix of comfortable street performance. The B6 shocks can suit factory springs or […]


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